Tips for selling your home

Have you decided to sell your home? Here are some things you will need to think about…


Contract – Before the property can be offered for sale the law requires that a draft contract is prepared by your solicitor or conveyancer. This can usually take up to 1 week as your solicitor will have to do a title search and obtain various documents from Council (Section 149 Certificate and a drainage diagram)

Other Documents and Reports

There are certain documents and reports that are important to obtain in order to speed up the selling process. If you already have them that’s great, if not it is best to discuss with your solicitor or agent whether or not you need them.

Survey – This will show the boundaries and where the improvements are situated on the property

Building Report – A report detailing the quality and condition of the building

Pest Report – a report on whether there is or has been any evidence of pest activity such as termites and other pests

Council Building Certificate – this certificate is provided by the local council, if required the council will issue a certificate for a building which means the building is protected from being the subject of an order to demolish the building or carry out work to building because of:

  1. Anything existing before the date of the certificate
  2. Deterioration due to wear and tear within 7 years after that date
  3. Any encroachment of the building onto Council Land

Certificate of Occupancy from Council – If you have the house built council should have issued you with a certificate of occupancy at completion of the building works

Title Deeds – If you don’t owe any money on your property you may hold the title deeds. If you have a mortgage on the property your mortgagee will probably hold the deeds and will continue to hold them until the property is sold

House Plans – These can be very useful to pass onto potential buyers

Selecting Agent

When choosing an agent to sell your property it is important that you understand that a good agent is an experienced and trained professional who will guide you through the selling process.


When choosing an agent be sure to keep these things in mind:

  1. Is the agent experienced and active in your area?
  2. How professional is the agent?
  3. Are you impressed with their marketing material? (Look at things such as their ads, signs, marketing flyers, sales brochures, office)
  4. Do they provide testimonials from satisfied clients?
  5. Does the agent have a good reputation?
  6. Do you feel comfortable with the agent?
  7. What commission does the agent charge and what services will they provide you with? Don’t forget the cheapest agent is rarely the best


Methods of Sale

When selling your home, there are three methods of sale – Private Treaty, Auction and Tender.

Private Treaty – is when you list your property for sale at a specific price, interested parties are invited to make offers on the home and negotiations continue until a price is agreed on. Contracts are then signed and exchanged.

Auction – An auction is when buyers compete for the purchase of a property by making successive bids. The property is then sold to the highest bidder once the reserve price has been reached. Contracts are then signed and exchanged at the Auction.

Tender – A tender is not a commonly used method for selling property however involves putting the property on the market at an unspecified price and calling for the submission of offers prior to a certain future date. All offers are then considered, one of which may be accepted and the property is regarded as sold.

Presenting your home for sale

It is important to present your home in the best possible way as first impressions count!

Here are some tips to assist you with presenting your home for sale:

  • Carry out a spring clean (declutter, carpets clean)
  • Tidy up the garden and outside of your home to make it look appealing
  • Fix any repairs such as dripping tips, cracked window panes, door handles that are loose
  • Hire a property stylist, our recommended property stylist offers a variety of styling services to assist with presenting your home for sale.